Case Studies

Rainbow Bridge

photo_cs_rainbowbridgeThe Rainbow bridge in Niagara Falls underwent a large expansion utilizing 16,000 sq ft of FRP spandrel panels constructed in both an inner and outer radius as well as vertical column covers. All FRP products were finished in our aggregate texture to blend with new limestone and pre-cast components. All components were ¼” thick and all spandrel elements received internal stiffeners to maintain their complex shape.

The Elgin Theatre

photo_cs_elgintheatreThe Elgin Theatre in Toronto, Ontario is an example of Plastiglas’ architectural work. The major part of the exterior restoration was carried out by Plastiglas using FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) and glass-reinforced polymer concrete. The architectural terra cotta that was chosen for the theatres’ facade was commonly used between 1880 and 1920, but was difficult to reproduce in the 1980′s. In order to proceed with the project, Plastiglas had to match the colour of the seventy-year-old stone. After the colour match Plastiglas was able to take molds of the original stone and complete the terra cotta restoration. The materials used in this restoration project were incredibly strong and durable.