Our modern facility consists of a 3,000-sq-ft office structure that fronts the 29,000-sq-ft plant. The manufacturing facility houses a design department, showroom, complete pattern and mold shop and a production molding area.

The exterior of the office structure has been constructed with Plastiglas FRP aggregate panels ideal for industrial and commercial buildings.

photo_ourfacilities_1The exterior FRP panels are structural and strong enough to support the windows and hold all the glass in place. The floor-to-ceiling panes of gray-tinted glass are locked in place by the shape of the panels themselves – a design that is carried down to ground level and brought inside to provide an interior baseboard above the carpeting. By using quartz and granite for the aggregate finish, the panels show no signs of deterioration and are already 14 years old. Each panel has a core of marine grade balsa core backed by a 2-in. layer of rigid glass fiber insulation. A special blend of fire-resistant resin was used in the lay-up of the panels. The combination of the laminate, balsa core and glass fiber gives the panels an insulation rating of R-15.